Achim Nowak

Achim Nowak is an executive coach, lecturer of TEDx, Mastermind organizer and an international authority in personal presence.

Founder of Influens, in 2004, an international training and coaching firm that helps leaders at all organizational levels to show themselves more boldly and be more influential. It also supports executives and entrepreneurs of the Fortune 500 all around the world to get a deep connection with others and with themselves.

He received the PEN Syndicated Fiction Award for his documentary The Last Enemy, where he directed a collaboration between Palestinian, Israeli and Jordanian theater artist.

Author of books on personal excellence, such as Infectious: How to Connect Deeply and Unleash the Energetic Leader Within, Power Speaking: The Art of the Exceptional Public Speaker and The Moment: A Practical Guide to Creating a Mindful Life in a Distracted World, works that results a valuable resource for the growth of all kind of entrepreneurs.