Become a tribe facilitator!

Be Tribe Facilitator

If you are already participating in the Happiness Fest, we would love for you to become an active contributor to the Happiness movement by joining our team of volunteer facilitators. 

There are 25 facilitator spots available, and they are filling up quickly, this community is fully engaged!


What are the requirements to be a tribe Facilitator?

We require you to be a certified Professional coach (from ICF certified programs as CiPP, Ontological, iPEC, or other... or a certified Psychologist. 

  • Professionals with facilitation experience will be considered on a case by case basis. If you have any doubt about whether you qualify please contact us.

  • Experience as a group facilitator is preferred.

  • You are attending the festival and you have bought a ticket.

  • Bilingual English/Spanish is also strongly preferred.

What does a Facilitator do before the WORLD happiness fest?

Facilitators will attend two virtual training sessions in preparation for the festival. The first session will be held in February 2018, and the second in early March 2018.

What does a Facilitator do during the WORLD happiness fest?

The Facilitator will participate as any attendee would.

In between speakers and workshops, special times will be allocated for the tribe to meet, these break-out sessions will occur 2-3 times a day.  

Change occurs as a group. Group energy effects change.

The role of the Facilitator is to maximize the individual and collective experience of the event through the dynamic of the tribe (no more than 9 people). He/she will invite the attendees to commit to their own happiness goal at the end of the festival and will encourage the ongoing use of the bé App for support and success.

Facilitators will also:

  • Hold a safe space for each individual of the tribe within which to share, reflect and integrate his/her experience/learning.

  • Enable discussions and connections between the tribe members and be a point of contact for his/her tribe.

  • Follow guidelines for discussions with the tribe.

  • Participate in some brief meetings during the festival to coordinate their actions.

  • Allocate 3 hours a day maximum towards this endeavor.

What are the benefits of becoming a tribe Facilitator beyond being part of our amazing community?

Beyond the amazing experience of being a facilitator and of being an early active contributor towards the happiness movement in the World, we were able to secure some pretty cool tangible benefits.

The Facilitator’s package will include:

  1. Opportunity to share your expertise at the festival.

  2. Six Minutes edited video with your TALK.

  3. A Facilitator certificate

  4. Inclusion in the Facilitator database which gives priority for future coaching or speaking engagements within World events and initiatives.


If you have already bought your pass, and want to volunteer as a bé Facilitator please send an email to .