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Brisa (LaRegia) Charlton

Brisa (LaRegia) Charlton is native to Monterrey, Mexico, and In the late 90's she moved to Houston Texas to follow her dream of a functional family and the perfect marriage. However after 14 years of psychological and emotional abuse that marriage ended in divorce. This event motivated her to create videos depicting the different realities that women live. Most of the times women are victims of obsolete paradigms that are far from helping and empowering them, because of this they sink themselves into depression and anxiety, that pushes them to put up with terrible and unfair situations. 

Now she found equilibrium in a new relationship, in which she fused the two cultures of African American and Mexican; She has four teenage daughters.

Brisa (La Regia) Charlton talks about every day situations that impact women, and in a positive way shows the raw reality in a very honest and funny way, she is always looking to motivate and empower women.