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Claudia Vega

Claudia Vega (Mexico) is a Pediatrician, Nutritionist and Psychotherapist. She specializes in working with children, teenagers and adults who have eating and weight issues. Knowing that the family functions as a system, she designed a family-based program in which nutrition education and emotional regulation are key components of this approach. She founded Nutrintegra in 2010, a clinic for Nutrition and Mindful Eating for Children, Youth and Adults.

Claudia also works in the prevention of eating disorders by raising awareness about the risk factors, such as body dissatisfaction, a low self-esteem–based on appearance, dieting, negative body talk (among children and/or their parents) and also by increasing positive attitudes such as a non-appearance oriented self-concept, and replacing restrictive dieting with a more balanced and mindful relationship with food. For such purpose she gives lectures and Mindful Eating workshops to pre-teens, teenagers and their parents.

She hosts a radio program for Parents and People working with children. She is a passionate Yoga practitioner as well as a certified Yoga Instructor for children. She enjoys spending her time with her three children, her husband and her mom.

She can be contacted through her website or by email at: