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If we want to be the best we can be, it is not enough simply listening to a speaker. At Happiness Fest, and through the experiences created by  learning happens from heart to heart. You will interact with worldwide guides and experts with incredible humanity. The intellectual learning is combined with professional coaching and facilitation among participants, so challenges and dreams can be shared. This way learning and energy levels manifest at their highest potential. 

Some of our advisors. And featured guides who will join you:


luis gallardo

Author, entrepreneur and social innovator. Luis Gallardo is determined to get the tools that make us happy to at least one billion people in the world. For this he has created bē and the Happiness Festival. He loves to converge science and spirituality, art and gastronomy and everything necessary to raise the consciousness and perspective of human beings.. 

Gaby Vargas.jpeg

Gaby vargas

Gaby Vargas is a writer and communicator recognized in the press, radio and television. She is the author of fifteen books whose themes are related to well-being, women and self-improvement. She currently collaborates in more than thirty publications nationwide. Her work has made her the most read woman in Mexico.

Achim Nowak

Achim nowak

Achim Nowak is a C-Suite coach, TEDx speaker, Mastermind convener and an international authority on personal presence. The author of 3 books on personal excellence, Achim supports successful Fortune 500 executives and entrepreneurs around the world in more radiantly connecting with others and themselves.


saamdu chetri

As Executive Director of the GNH Center in Bhutan, Saamdu brought wisdom to the world through one of the most innovative concepts in the development of public policies. Now in India, Salamdu Chetri knows how to explain the roots of happiness like nobody else in the world, here and now, without being in a hurry, with depth.

Astrid Asher
Khedrup Rimpoche
Amishi Jha.jpg
Najat Kaanache

Astrid asher

Composer and interpreter of Colombian origin living in Mexico, she is called to be one of the renovators of melodic romanticism. With a powerful vocal technique but full of nuances. Nominated for the Latin GRAMMYs 2015 in the categories of Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album and Best Recording Engineering for an Album.

his holiness khedrup rinpoche

The fifth Khedrup Ugyen Tenzin Thinley Lhundrup aka Yonten Thinley or Jigme Kunzang Rangdrol. Based in Bhutan, his aspiration is to provide equal opportunities for people to study and practice Buddha Dharma with the aim of promoting individual and social peace and well-being.

Dr. amishi Jha

Co-founder and director of Contemplative Neuroscience at the University of Miami. Dr. Jha's research focuses on the cerebral basis of attention, working memory and mindfulness training. Her current projects investigate how to better promote resilience in high stress situations using contemplative training techniques that strengthen the brain's attention networks.

Najat Kaanache

Magic Chef. After spending two years working as an apprentice in the kitchens at Chicago's Alinea, Napa's The French Laundry, New York's Per Se (restaurant), and Copenhagen's Noma (restaurant) Kaanache went on to achieve the auspicious Executive and Creative Haute Cuisine Certification after completing her apprenticeship during the final two seasons at Spain's elBulli.

ammar charani.jpg

Laura whitney sniderman

Co-founder of Internationally renowned, women's empowerment initiative, Goddess Camp, and Major Accounts Executive at InteraXon Inc., Laura is an expert in the fields of 'WisdomSharing' and Transformative Technology. She educates on the neuroscience of contemplative practice and the role that technology can play.

Ammar charani

Ammar has founded, co-founded and invested in over 26 startups. He enjoys working with highly talented smart and happy people who want to change the world. 
His time is mostly dedicated to helping people discover, activate and live their higher purpose, their Purposehood! He is a global serial entrepreneur and an angel investor. 

julia bernadsky

Founder of UntamedHearts. Artist, entrepreneur, innovator. She believes that jewelry can be both beautiful and meaningful, and at the same time carry the energy that we, with special connections, inject in every piece - the energy of love, protection and healing that will help people to open their hearts and embrace our differences.

MOrena cardoso

The visionary and founder of DanzaMedicina- a project that empowers women to remove their masks, face their fears, embrace their shadows, and peel down the layers to their sacred and wild essence.  Born in Brazil, she shares teachings about the feminine ancestral wisdom bringing open eyes, heart, arms and a willingness to share, heal.

Andrea Minski
Maureen Healy
Chia Ortigon
Gloria Belendez-Ramirez

Andrea minski

Andrea Minski is the founder of the digital platform Mujer Balance and host of the home improvement show “SOS: Salva Mi Casa,” on Telemundo. Minski is also a celebrity guest judge and the only Latina to appear on TLC’s new reality TV show “Girl Starter.” A lawyer and journalist by profession. Mother of two and balanced human being. 

Maureen Healy

Author, speaker and media expert on children's emotional health and highly sensitive children (Psychology Today, PBS, Disney). Her book, "Growing Happy Kids: How to Foster Inner Confidence, Success and Happiness" guided adults to nurture resilience in their children (and themselves).

Chia ortegon

Painter of Social change, a Cultural Designer Pioneer, a Visionary Alchemist, a Creatrix of new dimensions of Living. Chía Ortegón is a multi-disciplinary Artist and modern Mystic. She has created Chí-She-He LovEvolution Global Movement which core concept is the integration of female and male energies.

gloria belendez-ramirez 

The Happiness Ambassador. Founder of Villas Xichu. Mexican Gloria describes herself as a dreamer who is completely out of her head, living in her heart, walking on the path of the Now…She is also a mother, daughter, interpreter, certified coach, qigong practitioner, writer, speaker, entrepreneur, lover, hotelier, wife and friend.