Iraida Noriega

Iraida Noriega

She has a love for music and the arts from her Parents. Iraida is a singer, songwriter and radio announcer. 

Iraida has sung in various forums such as Bellas Artes, Teatro Metropólitan, Sala, Centro Nezahualcóyotl, Nacional de las Artes, Lunario, and countless festivals and clubs inside and outside the country, sharing the stage with great musicians such as Agustín Bernal, Aarón Cruz, Diego Maroto, Fernando Toussaint, among many others. 

She has a jazz radio program called Efecto Mariposa, aired at Horizonte radio, and she has recorded 14 albums, being Caracolito selected as one of the 10 best jazz albums in Latin America in 2012. 

At this moment she is working on a joint project, Luminosa, that involves Latin American poetry, music for chamber orchestra and jazz sextet. 

In addition, Iraida is part of a unique scenic proposal around the work of Juan José Arreola called Arreola by Arreola, Bestias y Prodigios, alongside the bassist and very talented Alonso Arreola.