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Leigh Koechner

Leigh Koechner is a Writer, Speaker, and Spiritual Teacher (who likes doing the splits and dropping the occasion f bomb while drinking a martini). She knows mindfulness can be fun and is dedicated to sharing the fact you don’t have to savor a raisin to experience the magic. She inspires by being unapologetically who she is and maintains an open mind and heart. Leigh is ballsy, vulnerable, and
funny as hell.

The foundation of Leigh’s work is based on sharing and remembering You Are Not Alone. Leigh knows we are all connected and when we forget this we suffer. Her audience is a wide cross-section from young to old, incarcerated to billionaires, and she sees all of them in the same light. Whoever Leigh touches leaves feeling uplifted, connected, and prepared for life with their arsenal of tangible tools.

Leigh knows that everything she has experienced in her life has blessed her with knowing and feeling what others are going through. So, not only does she teach tangible tools, she’s learned them by living. They are hers. Leigh shares her adversities and heart allowing others to do the same.

Leigh Koechner resides in the City of Angeles with her beloved husband, actor David Koechner, and
their five beautiful children.