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Lillian Haugen

Lillian Haugen is a communication professional with more than 25 years of experience. Since she obtained a degree in Communication at the Universidad Iberoamericana, she was interested in responsible critical thinking in communication. That was her inspiration 25 years ago to start a multidisciplinary company of communication, advertising and audiovisual production.

She produced a film that was emblematic in our cinema: De la Calle. With it she won more than 25 national and international awards. He has also produced events like the Ariel and made a large number of commercials for a wide variety of clients.

But something that distinguishes Lillian is her growing interest in communication that has social, spiritual and environmental effects, what she calls today "soul communication", which makes a real difference in our lives. She had the opportunity to be an adviser to the Environment Secretariat of the GDF from 2007 to 2012 and from there she based her participation in the planning, design of the implementation strategy and launch of the Ecobici mobility system. In her company she created the identity, the graphic image, the name - logo, the concept of communication and the campaign of publicity and diffusion of the launching. The graphic image of the Green Plan of Mexico City was also created  team of creatives and designers and the communication strategy was defined to position it in its relaunch. For the innovative Barter Market (exchange of solid waste for agricultural products), she had the opportunity to create, design and implement the first ten editions of this project that brought together the solution for 3 areas that the SMA of the GDF had to address -support to producers in the area of IGH, MILPA, responsible use of waste, education and citizen participation). 

Since 2012, she has been responsible in designing an inclusive communication project for all sectors throughout the country: "Código de la Calle". It is a citizen initiative, a recommendation that calls people to produce and create a citizen culture that starts from the recognition of the sensitive and intrinsic fibers of the human being, dignity, peace, joy, compassion, self observation and self evaluation. It includes a range of cultural, spiritual, artistic and sustainable mechanisms.

In 2016 he carried out the first theme of "CODE OF STREET", Respect for the ability to dream with men and women, and filmed the short film "Why not?"

She is invited by the General Direction of International Affairs, of the Sría. of Federal Culture, to participate as director of international and inter-institutional links, in the Organizing Committee of the First World Meeting of Poetry of Indigenous Peoples that was held in October 2016.

At this moment, she continues to develop the community intervention model CODE OF STREET, with the support that the PGR and the Federal Culture Secretariat offered him; "Dignification and Re-signification of a polygon in Santa María la Ribera, to displace violence, insecurity, drug addiction and prostitution through meditation, art, culture and education in dignified conditions of life".

She is also developing a community enterprise, "Women and men of light" that manufactures meditation cushions, made by women who, while making a prayer, within a model of more equitable retribution.

From the point of view of the soul, she has given workshops and talks that seek and invite the internal connection, the real space of love, wisdom, peace, joy, harmony, health and joy.