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Martín Achirica 

Martín Achirica, a communicator by profession and dedicated to the world of music and entertainment for more than 25 years, began a search 10 years ago for internal communication in different disciplines nationwide and in various countries of the world, religions, as well as in shamanism, ancestral traditions and philosophies. Being empathetic with the philosophy of Carl Jung, "Who looks inside discovers and who looks out dreams, and what you can not see you can not heal and it is call destiny", and so Martin discovers that instead of looking for the extraordinary as the ultimate goal, it is better to make something extraordinary from the ordinary, because it is much more important to unlearn than to learn and that emotional perception and intelligence are vital links in the path to wellness and health.

During the last 7 years, he has dedicated himself to the proposal and protocols of integrative medicine, a medicine that contributes to western medicine, for the well-being of human beings, proposing a new paradigm, where the patient's vision is changed to “Actiente” ( the one that participates actively and consciously in the transit towards their health and well-being). Understanding the four bodies that make up our existence and manifestation of life, as their integral attention in mentalism, in emotions, in energy and in our physical body. Relying on Eastern wisdom, the new in quantum physics and cutting-edge technologies mainly by the Kirlian camera and the technology created by Dr. Korotkov in Russia, as well as using quartz, biomagnetism, meditation, chiropractic, acupuncture, Perdón Radical by Colin Tipping, colors and musical notes to link it to the oriental cartography of meridians. This is how an option is integrated that leads to the balance and harmony of our body and its energy centers, already achieving results in human accompaniment as mirrors of lived realities that are succeeding and being subjected to research.

 Today, Martin has his own clinic within the Hospital Español, the largest in Latin America, with its proposal for integrative work: Spes la Clínica del Alma.