Go deeper into the keys to prosperity. Live an experience as no other one in a magical environment that will accelerate and solidify our transformation.

 17 to 20 March, 2019 at Villas Xichu, San Miguel de Allende


Four more days of deep transformation 

After two wonderful days at Happiness Fest, we'll go deep into the roots of prosperity. We have ready four more days at Villas Xichu that will live a mark in you. Join an incredible group on individuals in workshops, walks and memorable activities to reflect and feel, to build a future full of opportunities.  


Time to feel

We'll wake up calmly, invited to activities such as Yoga, walks, reading, all senses inmersions, mindfulness and a breakfast cooked with care and already charged with the intense taste of fresh fruits. 


Time to reflect

We'll enjoy group and individual activities, all the learning and reflection will help us understand, feel and develop our intuition. Time will help us expand our consciousness and to be. 


Time to live 

We'll realize our full potential being present every minute, enjoying the silence,  music, arts and science. Every day will build up on unique moments, on intense tastes and unique experiences. 

You grow your way to prosperity; you don’t cut your way to it.
— Jeremy Corbyn
 Saamdu Chetri - Focus on Happiness and Prosperity

Saamdu Chetri - Focus on Happiness and Prosperity

 Khedrup Rinpoche - Focus on Dharma and Inner Peace

Khedrup Rinpoche - Focus on Dharma and Inner Peace

 Luis Gallardo - Focus on Legacy Building

Luis Gallardo - Focus on Legacy Building

 Gloria Beléndez-Ramirez - Focus on being

Gloria Beléndez-Ramirez - Focus on being

 Renata Braun - Focus on Theta Healing 

Renata Braun - Focus on Theta Healing 

March 15-16

Full immersion into Happiness Fest. For two days we’ll be exposed to more than 50 masters and guides, to their ideas and techniques. In this unique experiential gathering we’ll have the opportunity to learn heart to heart from world experts and to gain an holistic perspective of happiness and well-being. The learning will be framed in 8 streams:

1. Emerging Trends -Tendencias Emergentes

2. Happiness@School - Felicidad en la Escuela

3. Happiness@Work - Felicidad en el Trabajo

4. Music / Art / Movement - Música / Arte / Movimiento

5. Mindfulness / Meditation - Atención Plena / Meditación

6. Social Activism - Activismo Social

7. Self Mastery - Hacia nuestro mejor ser

8. Gastronomy, good eating - Gastronomía, el buen comer

March 17-20

We’ll start the third day of the retreat with a guided day of silence. We’ll have time to digest what happened over the weekend, to organize our thoughts and to start identifying what it means to be in a world  of prosperity and abundance. We’ll build organically the foundations of our being. 

1. March 17th: Day of Framing. 

2. March 18th: Day to share and remember.

3. March 19th: Day to be without layers. 

4. March 20th: Day of manifestation and transformation.