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Stephan Thieringer

Nationally renowned personal innovation strategist, business thinker and executive coach certified by ICF, he is a successful entrepreneur, founder of The Human Innovation, a company that serves and supports executives and entrepreneurs in their transformation journey.

Stephan is also a TEDx speaker and has appeared in several business and education publications such as EduTech, Business Week, Financial Express, Hindu Times, NYT, Boston Globe and Times of India. His work has been recognized with titles such as the World Education Award for visionary leadership in the impact of economic development.

He teaches Administration and Entrepreneurship as an associate professor and dedicates his personal time to various organizations such as Catapult, MIT Launch and Street Soccer USA. He is a member of the editorial board of the Science and Research publication of SSRE in India, founding member of the executive committee of the Open Educational Resources in Cancer consortium (OERC), ELES ambassador, advisor to the Africa Network of OEN and member of the Board of Glocalize and Alex's Team.